After obtaining his Masters’ degree in urban planning and working for several years in this field, Stéphane chose to turn the page and move into cabinetmaking: a truly passionate, concrete and visual activity.

The requirements of the profession led this Breton back to three years of study at the Saint Luc de Tournai Institute, in Belgium, where he won the 2016 “Solid Wood Furniture” Jury Prize Prix for the creation of a Scandinavian-style solid walnut desk, and the 2017 Merit Awardfor all his achievements over his final year.

Influenced by the taut curves of Belgian and French Art Nouveau, as well as by the lightness and minimalism of the Scandinavian style, Stéphane invents or designs resolutely contemporary, elegant and refined furniture on order, with a huge emphasis on respect for the material.

Winner of the prestigious Prix MatériO in September 2017, awarded by the World Crafts Council – French-speaking Belgium, Stéphane Pennec is now an artisan cabinetmaker at the disposal of the most demanding clientele.

Reproductions de meuble par Stéphane Pennec durant sa formation à Saint Luc Tournai